For nearly 50 years, Bogart has been an independent French family-owned group specializing in the design, production and distribution of perfumes and cosmetics.

Its activities are grouped into 2 divisions: Bogart Fragrances & Cosmetics, with its 10 brands of perfumes, skincare, make-up and hair care products (owned and licensed) and Bogart Beauty Retail, with its 487 selective perfume and drugstores in 2022.

  • 1975 Creation of the first BOGART fragrance, distributed in selective perfumeries.
  • 1980 Launch of the world's first skincare range for men.
  • 1981 Appearance of BOGART's second fragrance, ONE MAN SHOW
    Establishment of a new perfume production unit.
  • 1983 Signing of the TED LAPIDUS perfume license.
  • 1986 Acquisition of BALENCIAGA Couture and Perfumes. Jacques Bogart SA is listed on the Second Marché of the Paris Stock Exchange.
  • 1992 Signature of the worldwide license for CHEVIGNON perfumes.
  • 1993 Acquisition of the cosmetics company Méthode Jeanne Piaubert from the L'Oréal Group.
  • 1994 Acquisition of a majority stake in the Fairtrade company, which holds the license for FAÇONNABLE perfumes. Acquisition of the cosmetics company Stendhal and its skincare and make-up factory.
  • 1998 Acquisition of Ted Lapidus SA.
  • 2001 Sale of Balenciaga.
  • 2004 Launch of a network of directly operated stores with the acquisition of April Cosmetics & Perfumes Chain Stores Ltd, a retail distribution company for perfumes and cosmetics in Israel.
  • 2005 Signature of the worldwide license for NAF NAF perfumes and BUGATTI perfumes.
  • 2008 Acquisition of Athénaïs, which owns 8 perfume stores in the South of France.
  • 2010 Purchase of the CARVEN brand's fragrances and cosmetic products.
  • 2012 Acquisition of the company Rose de France, which owns 2 perfume stores in the South of France.
  • 2015 Acquisition of 23 perfumeries by April SAS, a wholly-owned subsidiary created at the end of 2014.
  • 2016 Acquisition of HC Parfümerie Group, a major distributor in Germany with a network of 87 stores.
  • 2018 Bogart Group acquires the Distriplus Group, a leading retailer in Belgium with a network of 200 outlets.
  • 2019 Acquisition of 18 selective perfumeries in Luxembourg belonging to the Milady Parfumerie network. Acquisition of 8 new selective perfumeries in Germany.
  • 2021 Opening of the first points of sale in the United Arab Emirates. Acquisition of 40 boutiques in France.
  • 2022 Acquisition of the Fann network in Slovakia, leader in selective perfumery (70 boutiques).